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Our Mission

Create Best Moments with Babies


DollBao International as a leading brand of the general agency of worldwide fashion introduce safe and high quality of baby essentials, toys and décor from all around the world for each of our little ones. It was established in Taiwan in 2013 and has shipped to many homes around the world since with the trust and love received from parents and their children.


Every child was given a pair of wings before they were born, and these wings were used to protect our little angels. Along with their gave birth, the wings were left in the heaven.

Dollbao International is the soul of the wings, we are here to accompany these little angles and to guard them to not to get harmed and this is why a logo of wings was created in the Dollbao logo. The snowy-white feather represents freedom, sincere and growth, we promise to give babies the best protection. No ending, just everlasting; that’s how our story goes, join us now!



In mandarin Doll means stay and playing with, while bao means treasure, we precious each of the one and only babies.

As a leading brand of the general agency of worldwide fashion, the traditional ways of parenting have changed dramatically, parenting could be fashion and elegance. Dollbao believe that he spiritual commitment is more than the material needs. Therefore, we rely on the belief of Innovation, Safety and Quality. A fortunate encounter has brought us together and so let’s create the best memories for our kids.


Fashion Parenting is not only referring to the fashion of the outcome. As a born risk-taker and snooper, we like to keep trying new things with open arms. We rely on the belief of with an open minded, free and sincere heart, we could defeat every challenging hardship in parenting.


Initially sparked with the compelling enthusiasm for fashion,we introduce you our products with finest details, comfy materials, contemporary designs and wonderful pastel colors. Being embraced by the love of awesome people, we are now on a journey of expanding our spirit across the globe. We sincerely invite you to join our big family, together with Dollbao, we create a better future for ou with finest details, comfy materials, contemporary designs and vibrant colors.

Our Fans

More Than 400 Thousand Fans in The World