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gunite FAQ

Q1. Is gunite sofa bed washable?

A1. Yes, indeed! The gunite sofa bed bumper cover which is zipped design is to make cleaning process to be more convenient! You can take the cover out easily and wash it, while the inner part is not washable. As for the inner part, you can wipe it with a wet cloth or spay it and dry it under the shade will do!

Q2. How old babies are suitable for gunite?

A2. Gunite is designed open area and the four sides are expandable. Suitable for 0-6 years old baby.

Q3. What is the dimension of gunite's parcel?

A3. The Bed itself and the roof would be delivered separately! The dimension of the bed parcel would be 138*56*50cm while 115*15*12cm for the roof.

Q4. Will I be charged for the shipping fees?

A4. We provided free shipping fees to West Malaysia, and as for East Malaysia & Singapore, you will have to pay an amount of shipping fees due to the location. Please contact our customer services to know more about the information.