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gunite Safety Floor Baby Bed

Crib is no longer just a wasteful transitional product.
gunite safety floor baby bed designed and made in Taiwan.
In addition to solve the shortcomings of traditional beds.

gunite's floor-standing design which replace fences to soft bumpers, highly prevents falling from bed situation and limbs trapped between slats.

"Bed bumpers, bed frame, mattress" combined with zippers, easy assembling and save time.

In addition to safety considerations, the bed can be extended on all sides, not only for sleeping but also used as a large playmat! It can be used for a long time and is extremely practical.

Malaysia FansWimmy Kong

I looked through gunite baby bed for a long time and finally brought it home. I even moved some furniture to put in the baby bed in my room, haha!

Although my daughter is only 9 months old, she smiled brightly when she saw this bed, I knew she would like it😁 As soon as it was installed, I let my daughter in and try it out, she felt super curious.  My daughter, who is usually noisy once she sits down, unexpectedly stays in it and entertains herself. That's super great and means that mommy can have a more relaxed time.

The advantage of this bed is not only safety and anti-fall, but it's also designed with a large space. Mommy can sleep in together, even transforms into a playmat. Soft bumpers no worries about baby bumping around.

4-sided bed covers can be removed for cleaning, which is very simple and convenient! Installation is also super easy, even mommy can easily install it.

It's really worthy since it can be used for at least 6 years, I will never regret buying it👍🏼

Malaysia FansPamela Ng

✔️gunite safety floor baby bed

Before purchase

I’ve actually came across different brands of floor-type bed before giving birth. Back then when I lived in Hong Kong, the space was too small to fit a floor-type bed hence I bought Stokke toddler bed, which can fit a kid up to 6-7 years old too. Till I moved back to Malaysia, I didn’t send the bed back, hence I hope to find a suitable bed for my daughter to sleep on.

My daughter has a habit of rolling over when sleeping. This has caused her falling off the bed several times and once in a while taking up my space in the middle of the night. And this is the time I learned about @dollbao_Malaysia. They have this gunite safety floor  baby bed, the one that’s on my mind when she was born. The colors, size, weight and MIT are all so attractive; the height is not an issue to cause falling; and it can be utilized as play mat too. Luck was on my side: by that time there was promotion so I immediately get it checked out!

After purchase

The price in Malaysia has become more expensive, especially when it was topped up with the East Malaysia shipping fee. However, after receiving the goods and right after assembly, it indeed worth the price! The textures of the fabric and cushion are great; all parts can be dissembled and are washable: super convenient!

Very comfortable to lie down, sufficient space for a 3 years old 102 cm kid. My daughter feels particularly secure and even shows off her exclusive ‘castle bed’! As long as my daughter loves it and enjoy the joyfulness, it’s all worth it!

Malaysia FansEvon Tan

#gunite safety floor baby bed

Ding! Ding! I’m coming!

Actually it took me a week to share my review on this reassuring sofa toddler bed.

My baby used a traditional crib only up to 4 months because he started to grow up and would crawl, so I was afraid that he would fall from the crib. In the end, the crib was dissembled and he shared the big bed with us~

The thing made me worry most finally took place. We were in deep sleep and did not notice that he fell off the bed. We felt heartbreaking and self-blaming. The next day we immediately get a ruffle for our baby.

Even though ruffle has reduced the possibility of fall off accident, as time passed other problems arose. As baby grows up, he started to stand up while holding on to something. It turns out to be more dangerous when the ruffle is not stable in addition to the height. After a short consideration, I decided to buy a single bed for him but a quality one would cost me more than a thousand ringgit!

I have been paying attention to the floor-type bed for a period, at first, I was hesitating as it was a little pricey, but after a serious inner struggle, I made decision into the purchase! In fact, the money I’ve spent on traditional crib and ruffles can afford this multifunctional sofa bed already~

Therefore, the gunite safety floor baby bed is a solution to all the problems I faced and I finally can have a peaceful sleep till dawn! This price is definitely worth it!

The product is light with feel-good texture upon unboxing. After assembling, my baby is so happy to have his own paradise with rooftop! After a few days, the baby already gets used to his own bed~ Let’s talk about how powerful and magical the bed is:

  1. Improve parent-child interactions
  2. Create a magical space
  3. Little one’s exclusive universe
  4. Light and easy to move (the Gunite safety floor baby bed only weighed 7 kg)
  5. Can be utilized as playmat
  6. Simple assembly can be done in just 5 minutes

#Heartily review on gunite safety floor baby bed

#Useful for moms looking for baby cribs

Malaysia FansFoong Kuan Chong

#gunite safety floor baby bed

It’s been nearly 2 months my little one sleeping in it. I love this bed so much till I feel regret for not buying it any sooner! Not mentioning its fashionable and stylish look, I personally found this Denmark blue is so charming. With its practicality and multifunction, too good to be true!

Since my little one has this bed, I never need to worry him from falling off anymore. However, he became very flexible to climb into bed, and from there climb into my bed, back and forth, we found it quite funny and adorable. 

He is particularly attentive to the decorations in the surrounding, especially the chandelier toy at the rooftop due to the sound of the bell, he will keep making his attempts to grab or hit on it.

It is spacious enough for him to roll over as he wants, even when he could not stand still, there are protective bumpers surrounding him thus there is absolutely no need to worry about being knocked.

My husband felt good about it right after the first assembly. It can fit two of us and I’m especially pleased with this function because the kid can use it until primary school, what I need to do is just let down the one side from the leg. Honestly, I was thinking if I’m pregnant again, maybe I should grab another one during the promotion. But there is limited space in the room hence it leads me to another headache problem.

The last few pictures were showing the times when my hubby himself dozed off while putting the little one to sleep. Instead, little one took this opportunity to climb out! With a height of 180 cm, he should be feeling okay right? Anyways, it’s comfortable enough to fall asleep~

Malaysia FansLynn Wan Ling

#dollbao gunite safety floor baby bed

When I first saw this bed set, I was really fluttered. Finally, I bought it after a long-time of consideration. It was indeed completely worth it as soon as I received it! I thought that this outstanding and fashionable bed set could fulfill a mother’s own will but out of my expectation, my daughter loves it so much! Her expression said it all, assuring me that this is definitely the right move!

This bed set has high beauty value, easy to assemble, and is convenient to wash. The mattress is rather firm and supportive, suitable for kids, even I found it extremely comfortable. Most importantly the kids can use this bed up to 6 years old! Highly recommended in person!