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Help your baby to get


Good Night Sleep!

Sleeping issue has been a big thing for parents to worry about every night. Sleep is really important for children as it is for adults. Most two-year-olds have been asleep for 13 months of their life and babies usually need to sleep at least 16 hours in a day.

We all knows sleeping bring in lots of benefits. Here comes a question, how can I help my baby to sleep better at night?

Kids are the first and foremost reason that La Millou open new doors for, we want to make sure babies sleep well and night and so are Mommies! Therefore, we produce Minky products to solve sleeping problems.


                                                 What is Minky?


The design of Minky is actually imitating the concept of nipples and the internal structure of uterus. Babies or children feel safe and security while touching the minky part, therefore they can sleep well at night.

Mommies from Poland, Taiwan, China, Singapore and Malaysia have recorded videos about reviews of Minky Blanket and Sleeping Pig. Kids love itso much and it helps them to sleep well at night.

Don’t get around much anymore, no hesitating, drag it to your carts now and join La Millou!