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La Millou Standing at

the Cutting Edge of Fashion


Fashion today is not what it was like decades before. There are so many trends that come and go. The best thing about fashion today is that baby fashion is also the thing they take it very seriously. It is possible to channel your little fashionista with lots of different ways.

La Millou as a brand that leads fashion is always seeking for crazy and bold creations. We play with colors, patterns and also creating a wonderland of fairy tale. We wanted to broaden the vision of our products.


The Rainbow Master –MAJA BOHOSIEWICZ


Who’s the rainbow master? – that’s the exact question Maja Bohosiewicz asked herself just before she created a pastel world of colorful unicorns! It’s a rainbow extravaganza, where joy intertwines with imagination, while you host – Maja, with her bright smile and optimistically crazy attitude will gladly show you around this rainbow master’s land.





The Fireman boy –MaciejZakościelny


We also have Maciej Zakościelny with us- the creator of the collection has designed it with his son in mind – and also with every little boy out there who has ever dreamed of becoming a Fireman. It features blankets, pillows and an assortment of stroller accessories.





The Flower Queen-MAGDA RÓŻCZKA


In 2014 we sat down with Magda Różczka and started designing. The result of our cooperation was the “Meggie Rose” collection. It’s much more than just a new design: a share of what we make from all the blankets, bedding pieces, pillows and accessories from this product line is donated to the infants in the Preadoptive Otwock Center, which Magda has supported for years.



In 2015 we invited to the very same table the ever smiling Kasia Zielińska, who also happens to be full of great ideas. We can’t remember if it all started from pencils and crayons, but we do know it ended with Feeria – our summer bag, purse and accessory product line that we dedicate to all moms (and other La Millou enthusiasts) out there.



Actress with talent – Anna Mucha


So here comes the befalls of the famous actress, AnnaMucha. Her designs are fantastic and she was invited as an appraise of famous talent shows in Poland. The collection of Royal Skulls and Ptasie Radio, La Millou by Anna Mucha lines both went on to become bestsellers.


Baby care could be fashionable too. It may not with others but with La Millou we can make you the most fashionable moms and babies! Stay tunes and let’s shine the world!