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La Millou Minky Bunny

🐰:「I'll never leave no matter how you toss me and bite me 🥺」
Minky spots and the soft fluffy design feels super comfortable~
Minky spots imitate the mother’s nipples and womb environment which comforts baby's emotions.
Hugging minky bunny makes baby feels just like mommy beside, feeling secure and fall asleep 😉 
Minky bunny includes many colourful designs that could stimulate the sense of sight.

Let's have a great night with minky bunny 😏

Malaysia FansShelly Sem

It's my first time purchasing Minky Bunny.
I think it's very helpful and a great companion, especially when your baby is hungry, it helps to comfort her and less crying too.

Malaysia FansEling Ng

It’s the first time experiencing La Millou Minky Bunny.
I was worried about whether will my girl would like the bunny since she already has a soothing bunny from another brand. She hugged it every night since 3 months old until 14 months old now. Surprisingly, she fell in love with La Millou Minky Bunny as soon as she hugged it.
I was curious about her favourite pick and in the end, she chose La Millou Minky Bunny without any hesitation. Truly prove that La Millou Minky Bunny is really attractive.

Malaysia FansRuby Poh Kuin

Wow! Wow! Wow!

This was my reaction after my boy owned La Millou Minky Bunny for about 2 weeks.

First “Wow”

The first day they met, my boy touched and hugged it for a while and lay it aside.

I washed the bunny and wondered whether he's not used to the texture.

But surprisingly, on the third day, he played with the bunny which made me stunned.

[Wow, he was attracted by the bunny and picked it up by himself].

Second “Wow”

He laid the bunny by his side for two consecutive nights, and he fell asleep by himself. The next morning, he woke up and played with Minky Bunny and bites its little ear.

[Wow, it’s really amazing, getting up from bed without crying really makes him an angel.]

Third “Wow”

Now he sleeps with minky bunny and hugged it all night long even when he turns around, he really likes playing with the bunny ears.
My husband mostly took care of my boy in the middle of the night. His comment: sometimes I need to comfort him with pacifier and pat on his butt in order to make him sleep tight. But now, my boy only needs his pacifier and hugging minky bunny makes him sleep on his own.

My husband said: Wow, bunny really didn't disappoint us, it’s a smart decision for purchasing it, how about getting another one for substitutions?

Add-ons, minky bunny is made in Poland Europe which is quality certified.

★Appease Toy - The favourite sleeping companion of any child, appease baby emotion.
★Solid Minky Design - Stimulate the potential of five sense.
★Cute Design - Colourful design, baby loves it
★Safety - Made by 100% cotton of the highest quality, anti-allergy, anti-dust mites
★Quality Assurance – Manufacture & Import from Europe, OEKO-TEX 100 class I certified

Malaysia FansPuiKuan Lai

My boy starts to play with minky bunny through 'wrestling game', then he'd lay down and appeased by the minky spot for a few minutes and slowly fall asleep.

It was challenging for my boy to fall asleep by his own before having minky bunny, we decided to get him a minky fun pad, and surprisingly, it does help my boy to fall asleep easier.
Since he's grown up now, so we got him a bigger size's Minky Bunny and minky pillow.

I truly recommend La Millou Minky series product, and let's moms enjoy more “Me Time”.

Malaysia FansSee Sian

Minky Bunny is definitely the favourite nighttime sleeping companion for children. She'll hug bunny and cuddle into sleep. It seems to have become her little baby. She mostly falls asleep on her own when by hugging minky bunny and saving mommy's time.

Malaysia BloggerApple Tan

Baby Chester has been using La Millou minky series product since young because he felt really insecure.
As being told, the outside world it’s a completely different environment for newborn baby compared to ones' mother’s womb.
Thus, choosing suitable bedding or blanket for them were an important mission for parents.
La Millou minky design blanket imitates mother’s nipples and womb that ensure baby feels secure and help to appease emotion. Chester slowly falls asleep by touching and sleeping with it till morning.
La Millou is a brand from Europe Poland with CE certification. Quality ensured products, the best choice for you and your precious one.

Malaysia CelebrityGinger Keong

Highly recommended La Millou minky bunny, helps to appease XiaoLi's emotions, and also his best companion. It's bunny and minky design were baby's favourite, through touching and tossing around, XiaoLi sleep sweetly every night.
High-quality cotton with CE certification was made in Europe Poland. Softy toy totally fine for biting habits.

【Laundry Guides】
Machine washable with below 30°C
Rotating speed below 800RPM
Dry in shade (Do not use dryer & expose under sun) 

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Malaysia CelebrityDebbie Goh

24 hours a day, 
I spent at least 12 hours with BaoBao in the little hut with his favourite companions~
La Millou Minky Bunny, Sleeping Pig Pillow and La Millou Grandma Dana’s Hen.
We had many interactions in this little hut such as breast-feeding, milk pumping, reading and working.
Ever since gunite Sofa Bed moved in, we took nap, story tellings, exercising, singing, dancing and had a lot of fun times. 
It's more important to see him growing happily and comfortably.

p/s: gunte sofa bed is definitely one of my recommendations, besides, having La Millou's sleeping pig pillow and Grandma Dana’s Hen pillow were also a good pick for newborn babies.
These items definitely ease parenting hood such as breastfeeding and parent-child activities. 

Malaysia BloggerElle Onni

相信一直有在關注我的日常IG story 的朋友們
其實一開始我入手這個來自台灣 DollBao 的時候並沒有對這個玩偶有很深的認識


之前看過research 說

收到這個DollBao 的 La Millou 品牌的安撫兔之後


🐰 兔寶的身體布料使用豆豆顆粒的絨毛布料設計




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